The Feedworks USA, Ltd. product line is currently in use across the nation. Here are some videos and other testimonials about the effectiveness of our product lines:


Vista Pre-T


New research has shown VistaPre-T, a unique liquid pre-treatment from AB Vista, worked to pre-digest the fiber, leading to an improvement in performance on an 11-month trial at Drumgoon Dairy in Lake Norden, South Dakota.

The trial included a 1,000-cow treatment string and a 1,000-cow control string during the nearly year long trial.

VistaPre-T improved fiber utilization, leading to:

• Increase milk yield of 2.8 lbs
• Decrease in Dry Matter Intake of 1.32 lbs
• Body weight increase of 8.8 lbs

The below video summarizes the innovative results from the VistaPre-T research trial at Drumgoon Dairy.


In the NE United States a herd of 110 dairy cows started to use ETX-5 at a level of 15 grams per head per day after experiencing a significant milk loss. Within a few days yields had regained the 4 lb lost. After a further 16 days the farm ran out of product and subsequently again lost the 4 lbs per head per day. ETX-5 was re-introduced and within days again milk yields recovered the 4 lbs. This dairyman is absolutely convinced of the efficacy of ETX-5!

In the Upper Midwest United States a 1,500 head dairy operation was experiencing reproductive issues including high incidence of cystic cows. Zearalenone was found in their corn silage. They switched from a competitor product to ETX-5 at 15 grams per head per day (5 grams above the standard treatment level due to the severity of challenge). After two weeks a dramatic reduction in cystic cows was seen. The dairy now maintains an inclusion of 10 grams per head per day.


A large California dairy experienced a drop in milk per cow from just over 80 lbs to almost 70 lbs during December, 2014 and into January, 2015. Evaluation of feeds and manure pointed to mycotoxin issues.

ETX-5 was added to the TMR on 3rd January, 2015 when yields were averaging 72.6 lbs. Five days later milk had recovered to 77.1 lbs/cow. After a further five days milk was at 77.1 lbs. By 15 days milk was at 79.3 lbs and by 20 days milk had recovered completely to 83 lbs per cow.