Agolin Ruminant Dairy

Agolin® Ruminant is the first and only product certified to reduce methane while improving feed efficiency in dairy and beef animals.

Top consumer brands want more milk from Agolin-fed cows to help offset their carbon footprints.

Research-proven and fed to more than 1.5 million dairy cows around the world, Agolin products harness the immense power of plant extracts. Dairies are reducing methane, improving feed efficiency, and increasing energy-corrected milk. The potential gains from feeding Agolin dwarf the $0.04 to $0.06 cost per day to feed it.

  • 23-trial published meta-analysis shows 4.1% increased energy corrected milk and 4.4% improved feed efficiency. Download Trial
  • Enteric methane reduced by 11.2% per unit of milk. Enteric ammonia reduced by 18%. Dr. Frank Mitloehner, Published 2020. Download Trial
  • Cows fed Agolin showed a $0.72 gain per cow per day for the cost of about $0.05 cents per day – Spruce Haven Dairy Trial, commercial dairy, Finger Lakes Region, New York, Published 2021. Download Trial

The World’s Largest Food Company Wants Your Milk

Agolin is collaborating with Nestle, the world’s largest food company and milk buyer. And Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer. Major consumer brands using dairy products in their manufacturing prefer milk from Agolin-fed cows to help them meet their commitments to carbon footprint reductions. At the same time, Agolin is helping dairies around the world reduce their carbon footprints.

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For Dairy Cows & Heifers

AGOLIN RUMINANT is the first product to have received certification by the Carbon Trust to reduce methane while improving feed efficiency in dairy and beef animals.

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