Agolin® Ruminant is the World’s Leading Supplement for Decreasing Enteric Methane Emissions.

AGOLIN® Products harness the immense power of plant extracts. They are the result of over thirty years of research into essential oil compounds specifically developed for dairy, beef, swine and poultry.

Essential oils are the components of plants that provide them with natural defense against disease, fungal and insect attack. Some of their activities well recognized are:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Immune Stimulation
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Enzyme Secretion
  • Flavoring

Agolin Products match the needs of dairy and beef animals in optimizing rumen function and work throughout the digestive tract of swine and poultry to provide highly cost effective activity as feed additives.

Agolin Products

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