VistaPre-T liquid pre-treatment creates new value from fiber

Vistapre-TVistaPre-T extracts new value from home grown forage and other fibrous feeds that is currently unavailable through conventional methods of optimizing the ration. Increasing the amount of energy that can be derived from fiber has a number of notable advantages:

  • Reduced cost by minimizing the use of concentrates for energy without sacrificing production
  • Feeding fiber stabilizes rumen pH and leads to more balanced fermentation, reducing the risk of acidosis
  • Increases acetate production which can have a benefit on milk fat and/or carcass quality

How does VistaPre-T work

VistaPre-T is a applied prior to feeding and rapidly works to cause pitting and roughening of the fiber surface, allowing faster attachment and colonization of fiber degrading microbes in the rumen once the ration is ingested.

Improved feed efficiency

Pre-treatment of forage and other fibrous co-products with VistaPre-T has been shown to have a positive effect on feed efficiency for beef and dairy cattle.

Benefits for dairy cattle

Increasing the energy available from fiber in dairy can bring a number of key benefits:

  • Heifer performance and fertility
  • Improved body condition
  • Reduced SARA events

Benefits for beef cattle

Increasing the energy available from fiber in beef can bring a number of key benefits:

  • Increase in bodyweight and average daily gain
  • Maintain performance during periods of dietary transition and stress
  • By ensuring performance in the growing phase, animals finish more effectively, requiring less days on feed


VistaPre-T is easily diluted, added to your ration, and can be tested for stability and mix-ability in your liquid feed.

Please view video below for more details on VistaPre-T:

Testimonial use of VistaPre-T